It’s a tool of course. Yes, you have to continually use pertinent to your field search engines and bang away on the best job boards and employer websites for you. But most importantly, use the web to research key intelligence about employers and how it relates to you. You have to apply for positions within the electronic systems set by employers. They make the rules, but know it’s the human touch that will make the difference between success and failure. You will get a good job because you and an employer will have a mutually satisfying communication. Business writer, Jack Falvey says you have to be out in the cold damp rain if you’re going to get struck by lightning. That means being out there where employers are – virtually and in person. His article written 137 years ago is still the best. There are no hard and fast job-hunting rules. (PDF)

ACTION: What place can you interact with both known and new people in your field where you are most comfortable, least anxious? Get there. Armed with thoughtful, researched questions. About work. Not about job openings.