Chuck PaganoSometimes good comes from adversity. We can all think of examples in our lives where a problem turned into a solution or an obstacle, a victory. Jobs can be like that. We lose
or leave a job we really like and with work, help from others and “grace”, we find something better. Something we never would have gained without the loss. 

Biblically, Jesus said that the Spirit (Advocate) couldn’t come for people if he (Jesus) wouldn’t have died. Our health can take turns we didn't see coming. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma, I learned that the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano, was diagnosed with a leukemia and in an inspiring speech to his team
said, "We will all  be better for this."  I was inspired. 

People who love and care for us learn how to love in difficult situations.  And discover important things about themselves.  I knew "new love" from others which sustained and uplifted me. We were all better.

We’re all better too when we’re part of a caring, compassionate community for someone striving to gain new, meaningful work.