LifeSHIFT Retreat

“Tom was a wonderful speaker and facilitator. The information and materials were vast and exercises were very helpful. I also felt that the experience was uplifting and enhancing for my faith. It helped me to be in a group of like minded people on the journey.”

-LifeSHIFT Participant

“I have been to many conferences and workshops over the years. This was wonderful. Tom was engaging, down to earth who manages to combine his extensive knowledge on career planning/transition with deep faith and spirituality.”

-LifeSHIFT Participant

“The leader’s openness, expertise and passion made the retreat successful for me.

-LifeSHIFT Participant

“Tom has a gift to communicate and inspire others.”

-LifeSHIFT Participant

“I like the balance between a retreat theme where there was time to think, reflect and write and the workshop opportunities for learning and planning.”

-LifeSHIFT Participant

“Tom’s materials, program and style helped me connect to my faith in new ways–and therefore served as a bigger, more helpful source of strength and guidance as I make work changes in my life.”

-LifeSHIFT Participant

“Tom masterfully helps people explore a variety of paths to connect their needs and desires to practical actions moving forward.”

-LifeSHIFT Participant

Job Search Courage Workshop

As a discouraged job seeker, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by Tom Bachhuber; Job Search Courage – Looking Inside & Out for Hope & Help in Bridgewater, NJ. In the last 3 years, I have been unemployed 3 times making the job search all the more difficult. I was at a stage of desperation when I received an email about Tom’s workshop. I found Tom to be a down to earth professional with the ability to address job seeking in unique, innovative ways. His approach allowed me to pull myself out of the “pit” and into the “light” of who I really am as a human being. He spoke of the courage and strength needed to pursue new opportunities. In the chaos of networking, sending emails and worrying about the future, Tom brought me back into focus.

One of the most important lessons of the workshop was that we don’t have to go it alone—there are resources everywhere including my spirit–which I need to better utilize. As someone who has always been self-sufficient, this guidance spoke volumes to me.

K.L., New Jersey

“I was impressed and feel fortunate to have received many take-aways from Dr. Thomas Bachhuber’s presentation April 28, 2010 entitled “Job Search Courage: Looking Inside & Out for Help & Hope”. It was an excellent presentation and spot-on for me, a financial leader who is in transition. Tom understands and communicates the complexities and rigor involved in the job search process within the current taxing employment market that simultaneously requires the development of multiple electronic, print, and personal / networking resources while developing the deeper place, emotional, survivor strength and courage.

He was knowledgeable, believable, effective, and engaging. Tom’s direct communication style and positive, but realistic delivery, helped me to more creatively think about my own job search which has allowed me take more control and begin to more consciously innovate. Tom truly knows how to help the job seeker develop the deeper courage and requisite job search skills for the current job market.”

John K.

“I recently benefited from attending Tom’s workshop on “Job Search Courage – Looking Inside and Outside for Help”. Tom acknowledged the challenges in career transition, and he offered hope and thoughtful advice on a tactical as well as spiritual level.

The workshop encouraged participants to use a mix of transition strategies and inspired them to keep moving forward through challenges with faith and courage. Tom is very well read, speaks from experience, and understands the challenges of job search and career transition. I highly recommend the workshop.”

Paul M.

“Enneagram: Journey to Spiritual Center” Workshop

Connie gave a clear and concise outline of the Enneagram, it’s philosphy, history, and practical applications. She provided a comfortable yet stimulating learning environment. The experience made me curious to learn more.

M.G., Milwaukee WI

I really got a lot out of the workshop! It helped me to know myself better and know why I respond the way I do to life along with understanding better the people I live and work with. Connie was a great presenter!

D.D., Milwaukee WI

Connie has lots of energy and loves sharing her knowledge! Loved her!

Connie did a marvelous presentation in the three hours given today!

Material presented truly met my expectations