LifeSHIFT: Work & the Christian Journey is the signature program offered by the Center for Life Transitions.This weekend retreat brings together career planning and spiritual formation, helping individuals clarify work/career/retirement objectives. Activities for the retreat include presentations, discussions, journaling, experiential learning, prayer and solitude. The two key presentations are included in this online program.

The following quote from St. Ignatius helps us understand the mission for the LifeSHIFT Retreat.

St. Ignatius“There are very few people who realize what God would make of them… if they abandoned themselves into his hands, and let themselves be formed by his grace.

“In calling me to live my special qualities and characteristics, God planted deep in myself an original purpose—what my concrete self ‘adds up to’ and to live out.”


By viewing two presentations and engaging in the supporting materials, you will be able to bring key career planning and spiritual formation ideas together in clarifying your career/work direction. You can watch the videos and engage the materials at your own pace.

This package also includes a one hour telephone discussion with Tom Bachhuber. This can be arranged through e-mail:

Presentation 1

Tom Bachhuber - LifeSHIFT Presentation 1 - Transitions-Reflections on Career, Work, Vocation & FaithTransitions-Reflections on Career, Work, Vocation & Faith
Tom Bachhuber, Ed.D.

Supporting Materials

  • Transitions Presentation PowerPoint Slides (PDF)
  • Life ROADMap Exercise (PDF)
  • Job Goal Setting Exercise (PDF)
  • Networking article – Jack Falvey (PDF)
  • Facing your Fears Exercise (PDF)
  • Finding Love Exercise (PDF)
  • Patient Trust poem – Maria Rilke (PDF)
  • Job Satisfaction and Culture Article/Exercise (PDF)
  • Soul Exercise – Mary Oliver (PDF)

Presentation 2

Bill Sneck, SJ, Ph.D. - LifeSHIFT Presentation 2 - Introduction to Discernment & Ignatian SpiritualityIntroduction to Discernment & Ignatian Spirituality
Bill Sneck, SJ, Ph.D.

Supporting Materials

  • Applications of Ignatian Spirituality to Career/Work Transitions

Participating in LifeSHIFT Work & the Christian Journey Online

To watch these presentations and have access to the accompanying materials is only $50. Please contact Tom Bachhuber.

The following introduction to the weekend retreat may help you decide if this online program of two presentations with materials may be helpful to your transition.

How Ships are Born by French artist, Jean Olivier Heron
LifeSHIFT: Work & the Christian Journey
Tom Bachhuber, Ed.D.
Bill Sneck, SJ, Ph.D.

The above image is a painting by the French artist, Jean Olivier Heron, entitled “How Ships are Born.” It’s a visual metaphor for the living process by which we grow and develop into what we were meant to be-and who we are already.

LifeSHIFT helps people at work/life crossroads gain clarity in direction while exploring and accessing Spiritual resources which support the transition. A variety of experiences are used including presentation/discussion, experiential learning, solitude, prayer, journaling, small group and individual work.

People who may find this Retreat helpful

  • Those approaching or experiencing retirement and searching for new meaning in the next work/life phase.
  • Those who like to be more thoughtful about their “gifts” and how they connect to opportunities.
  • Those dissatisfied with their career/work and looking for fresh perspectives and purpose.
  • Those beginning a career who are looking for a change or new direction.
  • Those who want to look inward and use Spiritual ideas/resources to help with decision making and goal setting.

The following ideas characterize the LifeShift experience:

  • Confidence in tested career/work transition principles.
  • Opportunities for spiritual/faith growth.
  • Balance between retreat rest/rejuvenation and tasks.
  • Increased reliance on God as well as people around us for strength and support.
  • Opportunities to “take in love to overcome disempowerment.” (Henri Nouwen)
  • Time for deeper sharing/talking as different from the “wooden talk” which is often a part of our daily life. (Karl Barth)

Ready to make a meaningful shift in your life?

To watch these presentations and have access to the accompanying materials is only $50. please contact Tom Bachhuber.