The Center for Life Transitions is dedicated to serving people at “crossroads” in their work/career lives. We develop and deliver leading personal, print and web solutions for work/career transitions across the lifespan — internships/college through retirement — which are integrated with opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth.

The Center brings together the best professional and spiritual resources:

  • Supports the value of individuals and relationships
  • Inspires each to move forward in meaningful transition and transformation
  • Enables individuals to be heard, helped and healed
  • Encourages the exploration of faith and spirituality as a significant resource for life transitions

We affirm the hope that a fragmented life can be made whole through a combination of faith, support, and inspired work.

The Center works in two primary ways.

  1. By developing and delivering:
    • Confidential, individual counseling/advising services
    • Group programs, workshops and retreats
    • Web-based tools, resources and communities for life transitions
  2. By collaborating with individuals and organizations who request support for imaginative initiatives which embrace serving those in life transitions.

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