Preparing for Transitions

These challenging times have more and greater transitions than we dreamed possible. Ordering groceries online, opening our homes to family as safer places, saying good-byes because we can’t travel or congregate. And many of us are naive to not think about the biggest of transitions—death. In his beautiful story about a Jewish family in [...]

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Falling and Getting Up

In these challenging times, we fail and succeed with the things we need to do to be safe and keep others safe, and act on compassion to those who need us. Like most good, hard things, this is a work in progress. And we simply, faithfully, stay at it. Thomas Merton, contemplative, prolific writer and [...]

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There is Nothing More Joyous Than Being Able to Truly Make Use of Oneself Again

“There is nothing more joyous than being able to truly make use of oneself again, whether in the service of plans or memories; and what is most beautiful is the moment when plans and memories coincide and produce desired freedom to continue the one in the other.” -Ranier Maria Rilke (1875--1926) My good friend Bill [...]

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An Amazing, Beautiful Gift

It’s the rare occasion when you request a favor of a friend that he (she) gives you an amazing, beautiful gift. I asked my good friend and co-founder of the Center for Life Transitions to review my book. He returned a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, Scott. "I really like the way you [...]

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In Calling Me To Live My Special Qualities and Characteristics..

“In calling me to live my special qualities and characteristics, God planted deep in myself an original purpose---what my concrete self ‘adds up to’ and to live out." -St. Ignatius of Loyola Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Jesuits and First Career Coach When a friend shared this Ignatius of Loyola quote with me, I knew [...]

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As You Start Upon Your Way…

Photo by Alex Siale on Unsplash “AS YOU START UPON YOUR WAY, THE WAY WILL APPEAR.” -Rumi Rumi, 13th century Persian poet, scholar and theologian, said it and it never ceases to astound me how ancient wisdom is so useful today. Renowned career development and organizational behavior professor at the London Business School, [...]

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Reinventing Yourself

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash Career Counselors/Coaches hear clients who are dissatisfied with their existing work say a lot, “I don’t know what it is that I want, I just know I need something different.” And we’re used to eyes glazing over when we explain (even eloquently!) the career development process. You know—assessment, [...]

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Losing and Finding

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash At age 70, I’m (no surprise to anyone), feeling the hurt of friends, colleagues, and relatives dying. Or as I call it in lighter moments, making the big transition. Nothing “light” about it, of course. It’s most likely the major challenge of living. Seeing and in cases, [...]

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Job Hunting Requires Artistry and Science

It’s helpful to be both artist and scientist as you navigate the choppy seas of work transition. Artists are creative, spontaneous, imaginative, sensitive, entertaining, and innovative. Scientists are organized, experimental, procedural, systematic, and follow proven theory. All these qualities come into play with varying amounts, nuances and priorities as the situation dictates–-but [...]

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