Gift BoxIt’s the rare occasion when you request a favor of a friend that he (she) gives you an amazing, beautiful gift. I asked my good friend and co-founder of the Center for Life Transitions to review my book. He returned a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, Scott.

“I really like the way you weaved your personal journey (and journal) into the book. It personalizes things and allows people a chance to see your humanness and explore their own. Each time after your reflection you provide provocative questions to ponder –creating more self awareness and opportunity for change. Actually a lot of what you are doing reminds me of the “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” (CBT) that many of us psychotherapists practice and teach our patients. It weeds out distortions and aids in choosing more productive thought patterns and ways to move forward. Also, not surprisingly — and very characteristic of you — there is the integration of the faith and spirituality, reminding us that we are not ultimately in control of our destiny.”

-Scott Pontier, MA, MSW

TRANSPIRATIONS–Guidance for the Head & Heart through Career and BeyondAvailable on Amazon