Helping people in transition has always been integral to both Tom Bachhuber and Scott Pontier’s career paths. They discussed the idea of a Center which would integrate counseling and career psychology, family therapy and spirituality in practical programs, services and resources in the early 1990s. The two friends named and began planning a Center for Life Transitions.

The Center for Life Transitions-  Bridgewater New JerseyIn 2002, Ethel Kienz, approached them with the idea of providing an endowment for the Center. She contributed to the incorporation process and served on the Board of Directors until her death in 2003. One of her many gifts was connecting to people of all ages and personalities in caring, engaging and respectful ways.

Elder, lector, nursing home worship leader, prayer group member, adult educator, volunteer, confident, and friend at North Branch Reformed Church in North Branch, New Jersey, Ethel was beloved throughout Somerset County. She was conferred the Volunteer STAR Award from the United Way in 2000. She was an excellent business person. Her career at AT&T spanned 38 years where she worked her way up the corporate ladder from stenographer to office manager to chief administrator for the Senior Human Resources Executive.

Ethel led several ministries for the elderly at North Branch Reformed Church in North Branch, New Jersey. The Center honors its primary benefactor by supporting worship, outreach and education to the elderly as part of its overall mission.

In 2012, our mission continues to evolve.

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