….Transitions are usually and simply overwhelming…

To do lists get out of hand when we’re job hunting. Between accomplishing conventional tasks with resumes, letters, job fairs, networking events, and interviewing while staying up to speed with LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and job seeking websites—it’s a lot! Often too much.  Setting priorities and managing time is critical to well-being.

A document like the Work Transitions Barometer for Transition Success can be helpful. It can also be inspiring, to create your own “Barometer” using your vocabulary and priorities. We’ve always encouraged structure and support in times of transition. A plan you can look at, up-date, and learn from can provide both.

A Scottish chaplain in WWI, Oswald Chambers said that when life is complex and confounding, it’s because we’re getting only partial visions.  If we are to move forward, we need to step back, pause, reflect, pray, and do the next thing.  You’ll know what the next thing is.

Today… write down what your ‘next thing’ is and then go and carry it out with courage. If you don’t already have a document which serves as your “transition plan”, consider the Work Transitions Barometer —take it as is or modify it to your situation.