An incomparable career development and spiritual companion
for anyone in a job, career or retirement transition.

Dr. Thomas Bachhuber brings leading career/work insights from experts like William Bridges, Richard Bolles and Herminia Ibarra together with his expertise as Executive Director of The Center for Life Transitions, as well as his career with universities, Fortune 500 companies, retreat centers and non-profits.

He weaves the wisdom of essential spiritual writers like Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Mary Oliver, Sister Joyce Rupp, Parker Palmer, and Ignatius of Loyola into his spiritual, personal and work experiences.

Tom brings a likeable, personal style together with substantive messages. The resource can be read straight through, used as a workbook and/or as a means for daily reflection.

TRANSPIRATIONS: Guidance for the Head & Heart through Career and Beyond

TRANSPIRATIONS: Guidance for the Head & Heart
through Career and Beyond

You may find the book invaluable if you are:

  • Approaching or experiencing retirement and searching for new meaning in your next work, volunteer or ministry opportunity.
  • Feeling unsatisfied at the beginning or middle of a career and longing for a change.
  • Experiencing lack of meaning with your career/work/ministry and looking for fresh perspectives and purpose.
  • Desiring to explore inward and use spiritual ideas/resources to help with discernment, or new direction.
  • Needing encouragement, inspiration and a closer relationship between your job seeking, retirement planning and your faith/spiritual life.
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“Time after time in our life transitions, we find that the old maps don’t work, and we must reach deep into our spiritual resources to find the guidance we need. For decades Tom has been helping people make their transitions in a life-giving way, moving beyondfear to faith on to solid ground. I recommend this book for all who are seeking to take their next turn in life in a way that responds to the imperatives of their souls.”

—Parker J. Palmer, award-winning author, founder and Senior Partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal.

“What a superb book Thomas Bachhuber has created. This marvelous, balanced book contains a combination of mind and spirit, the wisdom from Tom’s personal experiences and the insights of other authors, spirituality for inspiration and practicality for activation. I highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing career or retirement transitions.”

—Joyce Rupp, award-winning author, retreat and conference speaker.