Transitions Reflections

Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry, 20th century, poet, novelist and essayist, brings some wisdom (and encouragement) to those who see themselves lost in career/life transition. Career coaches rightfully advise on the value of self-awareness, introspection, and career exploration in order to find meaningful direction. But Mr. Berry goes deeper in his reassurance that we first must realize that [...]

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Work and Meaning

Embrace the hard "heart work" of achieving meaning, breadth and depth in your life–job, career and retirement contributions are integral to our happiness. In the latest of Thomas Merton's journal books, The Intimate Merton, his secretary and editor Patrick Hart, says that at one point Merton realized that he would not find meaning (or God) [...]

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The web isn’t the answer…

It’s a must use tool or resource, of course. Yes, you have to continually bang away on the best job boards and employer websites for you. But most importantly, use the web to research key intelligence about employers and how it relates to you. Sure you have to apply for positions within the electronic systems [...]

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