The Job Market is UnfairAlthough we know this in our head, it rarely makes it to our heart. We keep hoping there’s a recipe and if we mix all the ingredients in the right proportion, we will wind up with that award-winning cake. Understanding this truth can cut down on the heartache when the offer doesn’t come – and avoid some of the self-blame that is only counter productive.

  • The “best” candidate only gets the job sometimes.
  • There are unpredictable elements and things you just can’t control like business outcomes, personal agendas, political schemes, etc.
  • Sometimes you won’t know the reasons for being turned down.
  • You can do everything right– and not get the job.

My friend Howard Figler, Ph.D. and author of several books including The Best Job Search Handbook (Henry Holt and Company) called job hunting “job climbing” and preached the importance of overcoming these external circumstances. Howard—you are missed by many.