We Know More Than We Think

“I recall how later in life, I heard my Mom say, 'I like what I know.' The comment caught me by surprise as I reflected on its truth. Our talents are usually the intersection of our interests and our abilities or knowledge. It’s what we do best. It’s why we get hired to do a [...]

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TranSpirations: Take In Love

Tom’s April 4, 2008 I’m home! Amazing that it’s only been four days since my surgery. Recovery went smoothly. I was up walking in no time and although the 9 inch cut into my torso is serious---pain is little and it will heal nicely I have no doubt. Rehab will be a challenge and [...]

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TranSpirations: Putting It Off is Over

Tom’s Journal-March 21, 2008 So here I am alone in the admitting room of Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin. Just finished calls to my wife, brothers Jack, Jim, Bill, Feds, a friend from high school and college, cuz Mary, and my secretary at UW Milwaukee. Feeling pretty talked out. We’re getting ‘er [...]

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TranSpirations: Facing Your Fears

Tom’s Journal-March 3, 2008 I wish it wasn’t happening—but by accepting it, I feel stronger. Weird—I am strong in my weakness. Pretty sure the disciple Paul said something like that. I guess that adds up because when we are afraid and things are out of our control, we have only one place to turn—the [...]

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