Tom’s Journal-March 15, 2008
Home early today from the CT Scan to see how large the aortic aneurysm is—this will help determine when to do the surgery. If close to 5 cm, it’s game time. If less, wait a year or so. Dr. N calls at 3 and I’m glad my wife Les will be by my side with her usual high octane questions…and her love. Someone said something like this once, “Nothing makes your priorities clearer than a death sentence.” Less so but still true of facing open heart surgery. My life priorities have been clearer lately. More straightforward. The important things are just that; others not so much. A silver lining. I think that’s true for any crisis. I also like the line from someone, “Once you know what it is you need to do, fear dissipates.” Yep. Gotta get my heart fixed.”


More on fear—the main stumbling block in movement toward more meaningful work. Of course were afraid. We’re asking ourselves to go from what we know to that which we don‘t. Parker Palmer courageously said that he thinks Jesus didn’t really mean it when he told his disciples to not be afraid when he appeared on the Sea of Galilee. He meant that we need to recognize what it is we are afraid of—and then take steps toward addressing that fear Eckhart Tolle says, “Acceptance of what is immediately frees you from the mind which often takes you to negativity and connects you to Being.

As we move to positive activity, good things happen. Hope occurs. We see light and the meaning we long for in new work becomes concrete. Activity increases and we are able to observe progress. Networking begins to pay off; our goals become clearer and we are more articulate, persuasive in presenting them to those who can help us.


How will you move forward when gripped by the fears of transition?

Make a list of them; reflect and pray on them—bring them to a trusted friend or mentor.

*This TranSpirations focuses on the relationship between Tom’s journaling about his successful heart surgery in 2008 and possible lessons for career/work/retirement transitions.

Thomas Bachhuber, Ed.D., President of the Board and Executive DirectorThomas Bachhuber, Ed.D.
President of the Board and Executive Director for The Center for Life Transitions. Tom is responsible for overall Center leadership and strategy. His individual coaching/counseling as well as workshops and retreats focus on integrating leading career development ideas with spiritual exploration. Read more.