TranSpirations: Overcoming Fear

Tom’s Journal-January 13, 2008 I ponder these tests to see if and when I may need to have my heart renewed with a new aortic valve. If I have to go through this, my life will be changed, certainly. Maybe for the best, I muse……Good things; great things can come from adversity. Maybe [...]

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Recognizing the Significance of Leaving

Recognizing the Significance of Leaving Leaving is hard. Moving from something you know to something new and uncertain can be painful. I think some formality or something ceremonial is important - both to recognize the good you’re departing from and to smooth the transition to the other side. I was privileged to be [...]

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy It’s often difficult to walk the line between impressive self-marketing and truthful advertising as we present our stories to employers on paper, web and in person. Of course we want to present our best selves—and sometimes this may entail “stretching” the truth or embellishing an accomplishment. I advise [...]

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Words can be over-rated

Words can be over-rated One of my favorite axioms is, “Networking is simply saying the right thing or asking the right question to a key person at the right time.” This requires thought and preparation—and it’s worth the effort. Good impressions are established and relationships move forward. Referrals result; abstract conversations turn to [...]

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Waiting and Questioning

Waiting and Questioning Effective group leaders know how to gain valuable inputs from those who are less verbal or too shy to speak in groups. These quieter folks have ideas that are valuable and their participation is critical to success. Getting their thoughts requires sensitivity, patience and more time than many leaders are [...]

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We Know More Than We Think

We know more than we think When I’m speaking or coaching on the art and science of networking, people seem incredulous that a stranger would want to talk to them. The common view of networking is asking a friend what they know about job opportunities. True networking is believing you have something important [...]

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