Tom Bachhuber, President of the Board, Center for Life TransitionsThose of you who have been following my writings know that it is my ministry to support those in work and life transitions through counseling, programs and writings. In 2012, I began searching for meaningful connections between my diagnosis and successful treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and broader issues of work/life transition. I published these thoughts as Transpirations II on the Center website and many of you have passed on your gracious comments to me.

The recent passing (August 10, 2015) of my Mom, Helen Ann Jordahl Bachhuber, has moved my soul. It’s also resulted in a lethargy; a deep sadness; and unfocused energy over the past few months. I understand that’s part of grieving the loss of Moms. They’re pretty amazing people. As my lethargy lifts, I think it’s time to begin again—to record some of the moments of my time with my Mom during her dying and death—and see where the lessons might lie for other kinds of transitions.

So—TranSpirations III for the next 16 weeks (one every two weeks, to be alternated with Connie Popp’s Respite), are taken from my journal and also from the beautiful notes from people who knew and loved my Mom.

Patience isn’t just a virtue—it can be the key to success