Faithfully on your path.

Light in darkness

There are many times in transition where discouragement and even despair creep into our psyche. Disappointment is around every corner as our requests for informational meetings are denied, resumes aren’t read, and LinkedIn connections fail. As a mentor once advised me, you will hear way more “no’s” then “yes’s” in this job seeking process. We must not take this personally. There are so many factors which determine progress and ultimately success; we control only some of them.

Sometimes we encounter situations which test us at deep levels. And it is these times which can also teach important lessons. Often, there is good that comes out of the bad. Glimmers of light in darkness. Thomas Merton, prolific writer and social activist from the 60’s writes, “Paradoxically, I have found peace because I have always been dissatisfied. My moments of depression and despair turn out to be renewals, new beginnings.”

Journal October 4
For me as I face this disease, maybe the benefit is to learn that my life is still rich and good and promising. That I am blessed with people and possibilities in the face of danger and uncertainty. That hope is always alive. That death is certain some time, every time and for everybody; preparation is important. That God is real in unknown, misunderstood, mysterious and clear, personal ways alike. That I have a mission and a ministry here–and my heart will always hunt for what I need and rest in what I already have.

The current job market is tough. But maybe there are good things that come from the challenges; even the discouraging times. Hopefully, you are getting stronger in your ability to face adversity. Possibly, failures cause us to take stock of ourselves and our strategies. Maybe it’s time for a new approach. A new direction. A fresh perspective in what’s really important. Getting help from new or different resources may be in order.

Mary Isbister, CEO of the Milwaukee company, General Metal Works, encourages us, “In these hard times, I’m one of those eternal optimists. This challenging economy is giving all of us time to step back and say–OK, these opportunities that we’ve thought about and aspire to-–what is it going to take?”

There are opportunities which would not be there if it weren’t for the adversity and even suffering we encounter. Spiritual writer and BBC broadcaster Michael Ford writes that “every evil conceals a pure blessing, which we in our blindness would have rebuffed had it been offered to us without painful disguise.”


What trials are you facing and specifically, where has the journey been the toughest? How might these difficulties be shaping how you do the work necessary to be successful in your transition? Do you have a new philosophy or insight which will strengthen you?

*Tom was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in summer of 2012. Following 6 months of chemotherapy, the cancer went into remission and continues so as of this date. These writings are intended to draw connections between Tom’s experiences with this disease and challenges related to work/career transitions.

Thomas Bachhuber, Ed.D., President of the Board and Executive DirectorThomas Bachhuber, Ed.D.
President of the Board and Executive Director for The Center for Life Transitions. Tom is responsible for overall Center leadership and strategy. His individual coaching/counseling as well as workshops and retreats focus on integrating leading career development ideas with spiritual exploration. Read more.