…NetWorking is for everyone…

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”
-Robert Kiyosaki

Most clients’ eyes glaze over when I coach or teach that networking for information is a process which works. It just seems just too hard and a waste of time and they think there must be a way to get a job by applying for openings on job boards.

Not for most.

7 Networking steps that translate to a job

  1. Develop a valid reason to contact someone from a referral or someone who you don’t know. The initial focus is not on jobs but on learning.
  2. Establish mutual interest by asking researched and personalized questions.
  3. Show curiosity toward his/her work issues and challenges.
  4. Gain credibility through your knowledge of their work, field, etc., and your own related accomplishments or interests.
  5. Increase discussions in quality/quantity; follow-up with communication correspondence to find more common interests. Establish collegial or mentor/mentee relationships.
  6. Job opportunities and options will evolve into your discussions in the course of this process.
  7. With credibility and relationships, people will want to help, refer or even hire you if there are well-matched opportunities.

Sound like a fairy tale? It happens all the time.


Highlight 2-3 people in your first hand network who are in key positions and who would be willing to engage in a business discussion. Research their organization and second hand network who you’d like to network with. Invite them to coffee and promise yourself you’ll focus on their work/field—not your job needs. Set up a meeting. Networking doesn’t have to happen when you’re looking for a job. Network for the sake of networking!

Watch 10 Great Questions to ask at Networking Events:

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