Mind and spirit overcoming fear,
Leading to productive activity,
Moving closer to meaningful work.

…helping me bring the potential of my life into reality…

What does Career Development look like to you? A higher spot on the org. chart? Extra zeros in your paycheck? More letters after your name? Does your career look more like clock watching than work which adds meaning to your life?

Ask yourself, are you asleep, waking or awakened in your present job?

It was compensation for my shallow friendships
It was a salve for my decomposing marriage
It was a reason to get up each morning
It was a drink to unwind every night
It was my whole life

It was a burden on my spirit without satisfaction
It was relentless stress weighing down each day
It was a symbol of what I was trying to escape
It was questions digging at my soul
It was only the money

It is helping bring the potential of my life into reality
It is balance with my artistic and spiritual pursuits
It is vested interest in sharing financial rewards
It is an element in my mission to serve
It is part of my whole life

-Mark L. Tompki


Identify if you are asleep, waking or awakened. What is standing between you and being awakened? Time? Circumstances? Fear? Insufficient support? Lack of a plan?

Think, reflect, pray, speak, listen, act.

Thomas Bachhuber, Ed.D., President of the Board and Executive DirectorThomas Bachhuber, Ed.D.
President of the Board and Executive Director for The Center for Life Transitions. Tom is responsible for overall Center leadership and strategy. His individual coaching/counseling as well as workshops and retreats focus on integrating leading career development ideas with spiritual exploration. Read more.