Respite: A short interval of rest or relief

Developing a Good Heart

“The proper use of our intelligence and knowledge
is to effect changes from within to develop a good heart.”

– Dalai Lama

In places where intelligence and knowledge are considered highly valuable assets – and hopefully this is in ALL places – it might be a good idea to reflect from time to time on the ultimate purpose of our knowledge and intelligence. According to the Dalai Lama, it is to develop a good heart.

When a pathway unexpectedly winds to a close, many become concerned about where the next step leads. What are we to do now that the pathway seems to have petered out and we feel lost in a forest of uncertainly? This may be a good time to ask if our prior learning and intelligence have contributed to the development of a really good heart. If it happened once, it can happen again. If, however, it seems not to have happened, it might be time to ask ourselves what it is we actually have been learning … and why?

– Connie Popp

Dr. Connie PoppDr. Connie Popp is a board member for The Center for Life Transitions as well as an active facilitator for the Center’s Life-SHIFT and Job Search Courage programs. She is also the Director of Campus Ministry at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more.