Respite: A short interval of rest or relief

“The longer we dwell on our misfortunes,
the greater is their power to harm us.”
– Voltaire

There are only so many hours in a day – and in a life – so how we choose to spend those hours can critically affect our happiness. Even when misfortune crosses our path – like when we take a fall, whether physical or emotional – we have a choice about what to let our mind dwell on.

We can blame ourselves, allowing our minds to focus on faults and stupidity, or we can choose to focus on healing and wholeness. Which is it that helps us heal faster – being disgruntled and angry or positive and hopeful? Daily, we each decide.
– Connie Popp

Dr. Connie PoppDr. Connie Popp is a board member for The Center for Life Transitions as well as an active facilitator for the Center’s Life-SHIFT and Job Search Courage programs. She is also the Director of Campus Ministry at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more.