Respite Reflections’ purpose is to help people push the “pause” button in their transition work — to take a break from the thinking, researching, networking and preparing for interviews. Taking a moment to center yourself, ponder a positive thought, and focus on a broader perspective is invaluable during a time of transition.

Respite: A short interval of rest or relief

“Take everything you like seriously, except yourself.”
– Rudyard Kipling

It’s good to take our studies and responsibilities seriously, rather than blowing them off as if they are nothing at all. It’s also good to keep a light heartedness about things that must be accomplished, glancing in a mirror every now and then to chuckle at how very serious we can become about the simplest of matters. A light heart makes for a light being, one that rolls with the punches, rather than getting rolled over by them.

Because one cannot smile and remain angry at the same time, it is often recommended to schedule some smiling time into our day, possibly one minute at the beginning of every hour. It’s guaranteed that whoever one is with during that moment will be better for it, including oneself!

– Connie Popp

Dr. Connie PoppDr. Connie Popp is a board member for The Center for Life Transitions as well as an active facilitator for the Center’s Life-SHIFT and Job Search Courage programs. She is also the Director of Campus Ministry at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more.