Respite Reflections’ purpose is to help people push the “pause” button in their transition work — to take a break from the thinking, researching, networking and preparing for interviews. Taking a moment to center yourself, ponder a positive thought, and focus on a broader perspective is invaluable during a time of transition.

Respite: A short interval of rest or relief

“We see things not as they are, but as we are.”
– H.M. Tomlinson

How true it is that the way we perceive things often has more to do with our attitude entering the experience than the experience itself. Everyone knows the feeling of something going wrong on the way to work or school and then morning events get clouded over by our insistence that it’s just “a bad day.” But is it the day that is bad or the negative feelings we’ve brought with us to color the day hopeless, no matter what occurrences are encountered?

It may sound simplistic, but if we can pause, even for just a moment, it’s possible to reboot our day by remembering a beautiful moment in time we once experienced. Conjuring up a moment of joy or peace or beauty, in as much detail as possible, allows us to flood our system with positive energy and transforms anger and sadness into tranquility and hope, helping us see clearly again.
– Connie Popp

Dr. Connie PoppDr. Connie Popp is a board member for The Center for Life Transitions as well as an active facilitator for the Center’s Life-SHIFT and Job Search Courage programs. She is also the Director of Campus Ministry at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more.