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Helping Those in Transition Find Their Way: Plans, Courage & Faith

Tom Bachhuber, Ed.D.
Keynote Address
Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association Regional Conference
Lancaster, PA
December 3, 2014

It’s clear that life is a journey–a process of continual change, challenge and development. People stay in their jobs for 4.4 years according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whether discerning a new direction or engaged in the stressful aspects of job seeking, people need support, structure and inspired ideas to be successful. In this demanding employment market, they must develop and manage a variety of personal, print, and web resources. Additionally, they are encouraged to explore deeper places within themselves for courage and guidance.

Tom Bachhuber, President of the Board, Center for Life TransitionsDr. Bachhuber’s address brought together ideas for managing this process along with opportunities for the audience to engage key issues in helping their clients. Topics include setting employment goals, researching job opportunities, addressing fears, networking and using personal spirituality/faith. Ideas from leaders like Richard Bolles, William Bridges, Herminia Ibarra, Parker Palmer, Thomas Merton and Ignatius Loyola were highlighted.

Tom ended his talk by referring to Thomas Merton’s idea of “virgin pointe” or that time between dawn and night when birds awake, become fully themselves and fly. People in transition are metaphorically in this place and it’s the role of an effective counselor/coach to support, encourage and provide guidance for this process.

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