Respite Reflections’ purpose is to help people push the “pause” button in their transition work — to take a break from the thinking, researching, networking and preparing for interviews.
Taking a moment to center yourself, ponder a positive thought, and focus on a broader perspective is invaluable during a time of transition.

Respite: A short interval of rest or relief

When hurt, which is your response: The loving or the hateful?

“When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand
where winds of forgiveness can erase it away.
But when someone does something good for us,
we must engrave it in stone
where no wind can ever erase it.”

– Author Unknown

News images from around the world can be disturbing, frightening, and painful, taking people out of their comfort zone and overwhelming them with images of the “hateful things” humans are capable of doing to one another.

But humans are also capable of wonderful, loving things. Many times, the choice is presented, with a friend or stranger, in an office or on the freeway. We are asked over and over again whether we will choose the loving or the hateful response. We hope that any harsh, mean thing which we might have chosen will disappear like sand blowing in the wind, whereas the kind, loving things will be remembered as if written in stone. If we wish this for ourselves, it might be wise to offer it to others.

Dr. Connie PoppDr. Connie Popp is a board member for The Center for Life Transitions as well as an active facilitator for the Center’s Life-SHIFT and Job Search Courage programs. She is also the Director of Campus Ministry at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read more.