The Center for Life Transitions is developing an online program which will bring together web-based tools, resources and narrative, helping people clarify new work (job, career, ministry, retirement) goals while exploring personal issues of faith, spirituality and

THE IGNATIAN WAY—A MAP for Work & Spiritual Growth (Copyright 2017) shows Ignatius of Loyola’s travels through Europe. Users engage activities and readings for their own transition while learning about Ignatius and Ignatian Spirituality.

The MAP will be developed so users can choose any or all the Ignatian cities and their related activities and readings. There will be a summary page for each city to record learnings and outcomes. There is a suggested sequence for the cities/activities/readings but users may find their own sequence and pace preferable.

  1. Loyola
  2. Montserrat
  3. Barcelona
  4. Manresa
  5. Jerusalem
  6. Madrid
  7. Paris
  8. London
  9. Venice
  10. Rome

The objective of the MAP is to have users reach Rome and describe their new work goals in ways meaningful to their vocation (sense of God’s call) and practical for concrete opportunities in their chosen field.

Preliminary web pages with example functions have been started at the links below. These pages are meant to demonstrate the potential of this resource and serve as an elementary beginning for the project. They present:

  • An introduction to the MAP and how some of the work required for successful work transitions connects to Ignatius’ Journey.
  • Examples of “transition work” which can be engaged in the various cities of Ignatius’ journey.
  • Working Self-Assessment Inventories/Activities (Loyola).
    • Values Inventory
    • Career Transitions Inventory (CTI)
    • Facing your fears activity
  • Guidance from a potentially animated “Ignacio”—a younger version of Ignatius.
  • Information on Ignatius’ life—this could include excerpts from A Pilgrim’s Testament-The Memoirs of St. Ignatius (The Institute of Jesuit Sources) and St. Ignatius’ Own Story As Told to Luis Gonzalez de Camara (Loyola University Press).


  1. How the MAP Can Help – The Beginning of Your Journey
  2. Ignatius’ Background/Journey
  3. Cities and Resources
  4. Loyola-Self Assessment
  5. Loyola–Work Values
  6. Loyola–Career Transitions Inventory
  7. Loyola–Nature of Fear
  8. Loyola–Ignacio Guides
  9. Loyola–Ignacio’s Journey
  10. Loyola–Summary Sheet

Copyright 2017. All material is owned by The Center for Life Transitions, Inc. No material may be copied or used without the written permission of the Center for Life Transitions, Inc.

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