St. Ignatius“There are very few people who realize what God would make of them….
In calling me to live my special qualities and characteristics, God planted deep in myself an original purpose….
what my concrete self adds up to and to live out.” – St. Ignatius of Loyola

LifeSHIFT: Work & the Christian Journey

Life is about facing and managing change—career, personal, family, spiritual. This retreat is an opportunity to reflect on your life and your faith, exploring avenues for new opportunities. You will engage practical career transition content, poetry, and prayer which will allow you to begin clarifying vocational needs and goals.
We all need a vision for our gifts—and language to describe our career/life objectives to ourselves and others. LifeSHIFT will include a variety of activities including discussion, personal writing, film, music, reflective solitude, using the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and one to one consultation. Each participant will set goals, develop resources for change while experiencing imaginative ways to know God’s presence on the journey.

Start Your Life Changing Journey With Us

Event Name: LifeSHIFT: Work & the Christian Journey

Date: Friday, April 28-30, 2017
Arrival is between 4:00 PM – 5:45 PM on Friday, April 28; dinner begins at 5:45 PM
Departure is 2:00 PM on Sunday, April 30

Location: Jesuit Center at Wernersville, PA
501 North Church Road, Wernersville, PA

$200.00, includes: 2 nights, 6 meals, assessments, materials and individual consultation.

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The LifeSHIFT retreat is ideal for adults addressing, contemplating or in the midst of career or work transition. Perhaps you feel like you’re in a dead-end job with no opportunity for advancement and long for career change. Or maybe you’ve put off pursuing your passion in order to deal with family and financial obligations. The program can be valuable for those planning for meaningful work or activity in retirement, or for those who desire to look at their spirituality as part of work planning. People who may find LifeSHIFT helpful include…

  • Those who are approaching or experiencing retirement and are searching for new meaning in their next work/life phase.
  • Those who have never or rarely been thoughtful about their “gifts” and how they might connect to opportunities.
  • Those at mid-life who are dissatisfied with their career/work and are looking for fresh perspectives.
  • Individuals beginning a career but are already looking for a change or new direction.
  • People who would like to look inward and use spiritual ideas/resources to help with decision making and goal setting.
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This is an opportunity to gain clarity on your life/work direction and explore what’s holding you back from achieving your goals, finding the professional, personal and spiritual balance you may be seeking.

Retreat Leaders

Tom's materials, program and style helped me connect to my faith in a new way.Tom Bachhuber, Ed.D. President of the Board and Executive Director for The Center for Life Transitions. Tom is responsible for overall Center leadership and strategy. His individual coaching/counseling as well as workshops and retreats emphasize work transitions. Read bio.

William Sneck, Ph.D.
Bill is on the Spiritual Center staff at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville, PA. Read bio.