“Twenty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did do.”
– Mark Twain

“Everything is changing… everything is connected… pay attention.”

– Jane Hirshfield

People in work/life transition benefit from expertise, education and personal support in career psychology, vocational call and job seeking.

  • College graduate—unemployed or underemployed
  • Early career or Mid-life change
  • Retirement or “Refirement” planning
  • Encore Careers–Finding passion, purpose and a paycheck

“Don’t go it alone” is core advice for anyone going through transition. Support, structure and proactive, proven strategies are necessary for success.

Transition Counseling/Coaching is a combination of therapy, advising, teaching and guidance which promotes intelligent decisions and goal accomplishment. Exploring spirituality/faith can be important in this transition process. Richard Bolles, author of What Color is your Parachute advises that “when you are in transition and you have an old faith hanging in the closet, it’s a good time to bring it out and dust it off.”

4 out of 10 Americans have not discovered a satisfying life purpose.”

-Gallup Poll, 2013

Life is about facing and managing change. People at crossroads need a vision—and useful language to describe career and life objectives. They also require effective strategies for presenting themselves in the marketplace and communicating how their strengths/gifts/skills make a difference for an employer.

Participants in the Career/Job Transition Counseling/Coaching Package will use a variety of means to engage personal and career transition issues, while receiving support and guidance from a trusted expert.


Your new career. Sky is the limit.The objective for this program is to provide support and structure for an individual either contemplating or already engaged in a career change/job search. The program:

  • Is customized for each client.
  • Includes on-going emails and telephone contact between sessions.
  • Can be in-person or online.
  • If online, will use Skype, e-mail and telephone.


The program will assist clients to better understand their career/transition interests, skills, values and personal preferences; explore new opportunities/options, clarify objectives and next steps; understand employment and educational options, develop tools like resumes, letters, on line profiles, networking skills; target specific employers, secure meetings/interview and enhance interview competencies.

Consistent with the mission of The Center for Life Transitions, Inc., participant can choose to explore/examine their faith/spirituality through both exercises and discussion.


“Tom has the compassion, kindness, expertise, experience and wisdom to lead one who is willing to be open to learn and change. It is only then that true transformation may take place. Success comes to those who are willing to risk leaving the comfort of the safe shore for the journey across often turbulent waters. In both theory and practice, Tom is your strong and fully equipped ship with all the necessary resources for one to sail. And you will become your own, confident captain.”

Progress in transition depends on a combination of factors:

  1. clarity in direction
  2. targeted research
  3. personally meaningful goals
  4. ability to articulate value to an organization
  5. preparation
  6. paper and web resumes/profiles which are customized to employer needs
  7. confidence
  8. persistence
  9. networking effectiveness, and…
  10. successful interviewing to name the central ones

Each of these factors are addressed in each counseling/coaching session and program through counseling, coaching and the structure provided by paper and online resources.

Each participant will “build” his/her personal LifeSHIFT Transition Workbook which will mark progress and serve as a resource for the existing and future transitions. Binders can be “paper” or online.

Flexible Guidelines for Accomplishments

Introductory Meeting–Develop working relationship. Determine if there is a match between client needs and Consultant/Counselor’s expertise/style. Clarify situation. Suggest beginning ideas for moving forward and how the package can be helpful.

Meetings #1-2 – Issues/Objectives

“As a discouraged job seeker, I had the opportunity to work with Tom Bachhuber. I found Tom to be a down to earth professional with the ability to address job seeking in unique and innovative ways. His approach allowed me to pull myself out of the “pit” and into the “light” of who I really am as a human being. He spoke of the courage and strength needed to pursue new opportunities. In the chaos of networking, sending emails and worrying about the future, Tom brought me back into focus.”

  • Discuss details of career situation-personal, family, economic and spiritual variables
  • Clarify objectives and reasons for transition
  • Explore career/work history
  • Address obstacles and issues.
  • Take on line assessments including Career Transitions Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory, and/or MBTI.
  • Review assignments including web research on key issues and possibilities

Meetings #3-4 – Issues/Objectives

  • Review assessment results and assignments, analyze transferable skills
  • Discuss options and opportunities in greater depth
  • Evaluate factors for personal career success
  • Process faith/spiritual ideas and resources—client choice
  • Examine variety of work options and environments
  • Establish comfort and confidence in pursuing defined job/career targets
  • Review and refine job search tools e.g. resume, letters, e-mails, LinkedIn/Social media profiles, web research and networking
  • Establish contacts and networking meetings from client and Consultant/Coach sources

Meetings #5-6 – Issues/Objectives

“I recently met with Dr. Thomas Bachhuber and worked with him one-on-one in my job search campaign. He is insightful to “real world” networking and understands the current job market. I value Tom as a coach. His open-ended questioning also helps in setting goals and understanding opportunities. Dr. Bachhuber is an expert coach and mentor, thought leader, accomplished author, and an optimist. He has a talent for making you think and act creatively plus he’s in your corner with ideas, support, and motivation.”

  • Review assignments.
  • Finalize resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Prepare for interviews and networking. Practice.
  • Develop professional, penetrating questions and responses.
  • Address any new obstacles and issues.
  • Process faith/spiritual ideas and resources.
  • Prepare introductions; go over meeting strategies and questions.
  • Identify web and print resources for job openings
  • Rehearse interview and self-marketing strategies in multiple situations.
  • Agree on contacts for additional networking and interviewing opportunities
  • Discuss nature of coach/consultant-client follow-up

Options and Fees:

Package Details Investment Purchase
Intake/ Introduction 30 minutes No charge
4 meetings over 1-2 months; unlimited email contact; telephone contact $300.00 Contact Tom
8 meetings over 2-4 months; unlimited email contact; telephone contact $500.00 Contact Tom
Unlimited number of meetings over 3-6 months; unlimited email contact; telephone contact $750.00 Contact Tom


Coaching/Counseling can take place online through Skype and Email. Fees can be negotiated depending on the client’s situation and access to technology.

Please Contact Tom to discuss availability and payment method.

Checks can be made out to: “The Center for Life Transitions, Inc.” and mailed to:

The Center for Life Transitions, Inc.
2719 South Shore Drive
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207


“I recently benefited from attending Tom’s workshop on “Job Search Courage – Looking Inside and Outside for Help”. Tom acknowledged the challenges in career transition, and he offered hope and thoughtful advice on a tactical as well as spiritual level. The workshop encouraged participants to use a mix of transition strategies and inspired them to keep moving forward through challenges with faith and courage. Tom is very well read, speaks from experience, and understands the challenges of job search and career transition. I highly recommend the workshop.”

“Tom has a gift for providing clients with the ‘right’ materials, and asking the ‘right’ questions at the ‘right’ time. Through his unique approach of synthesizing spirituality and expert career guidance, I was able to learn how to listen to myself and find the courage to pursue the kind of fulfilling life’s work we all dream about, but are often too afraid to pursue. I appreciated his gentle approach as the ‘work’ of career transitioning can be a long process, and quite difficult. Thank you Tom, for providing this unique counseling and growth opportunity.”

“My time with Tom helped to add a level of clarity and focus that I had been struggling to find until that point. While I had known what I “didn’t want to do,” his coaching helped me work from a set of abstract thoughts and interests to a crystalized target industry in which to begin networking for opportunities. While there was still a long road to travel, the guidance saved me a tremendous amount of time and stress “spinning my wheels,” and got me pointed in the right direction towards an offer from my top choice employer. I can’t thank the Center for Life Transitions, and Tom in particular, enough, for helping me to find direction in this process.”

Strategy Consultant, Pharmaceutical Industry
MBA Duke/Fuqua

“Some time ago I found myself looking for a job for the first time since I graduated from college 35 years ago. After a while, I realized I needed help to navigate this brave new, and often overwhelming, world of job seeking. Tom’s guidance and support are instrumental in helping me find the clarity, structure, and confidence I need during this challenging process. And like a good doctor who has the gift to treat the whole person, not just the symptom, Tom takes the time to explore personal issues and challenges which may affect the career transition process.”

Experience Financial Analyst/Personal Banker/Accountant